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Rob Avery, Brantford Realtor – Bio

Meet Rob Avery, your friendly neighborhood real estate guru with an incredible 37-year journey in the bustling world of property.

Rob works for Re/Max Escarpment Realty Inc., and is a member of BRREA (Brantford Regional Real Estate Association) and TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board), where his residential real estate listings are featured and kept up to date.

From day one, Rob’s mission has been simple: helping folks like you find their perfect homes.

Over the years, he’s not only mastered the art of real estate but has become the go-to guy known for going the extra mile.

Whether it’s decoding market trends or making sure you’re smiling at the end of a deal, Rob’s got it covered.

Outside the world of listings and negotiations, Rob takes on another exciting role as the dad to triplets.

Striking the perfect balance between a thriving career and a bustling home life, Rob’s all about honesty, hard work, and creating lasting connections.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a real estate experience that’s as easy as chatting with a friend, Rob Avery is your guy!

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Your Go-To Brantford and Paris Ontario Realtor

In addition, Rob Avery emerges as a seasoned real estate expert with an unparalleled understanding of the dynamic landscapes of Paris, Ontario, and the neighboring city of Brantford.

Leaning heavily on his 37-year career in real estate in Brant County and surrounding areas, Rob has not only mastered the intricacies of property transactions but has also cultivated an intimate knowledge of the distinct characteristics that define both Paris and Brantford.

Re/Max Escarpment Realty encompasses and has offices in 14 southern Ontario locations, allowing Rob a greater range.

In Paris, Rob’s expertise spans from the scenic beauty along the Grand River to the historic charm of the downtown area, ensuring clients benefit from his in-depth awareness of the local real estate scene.

Simultaneously, Rob extends his wealth of knowledge to Brantford, recognizing its unique appeal and diverse neighborhoods.

His insight into the amenities, educational institutions, and community events in both cities positions him as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking homes in these vibrant communities.

Rob Avery’s commitment to his clients transcends the transaction, as he strives to facilitate not just a property purchase but a seamless integration into the heart of Paris and Brantford.

With Rob’s guidance, navigating the real estate landscape in these charming cities becomes a rewarding and personalized journey.

Call today: (519) 757-7993